Delivering quality custom t-shirts and apparel to South Carolina since 1992.

Our pricing is based upon three main variables. They include the style of shirt chosen, the number of colors in the design, and the number of shirts you wish to print. To give an idea on what standard t-shirts typically cost, look at the chart shown below. Please remember that these are general prices based on an average, so please REQUEST A QUOTE. We're happy to help you!


25-49 shirts

Average price per shirt $13.50
Low end: $9.00
High end: $21+

50-99 shirts 

Average price per shirt $11.00
Low end: $8.00
High end: $18+


Average price per shirt $9.25
Low end: $7.25
High end: $15+



We can also easily accommodate orders well over 200 shirts. The average price for orders in this range is $6.50-$8.50, but can be as low as $5.50 for a basic tee and design. If you're an event coordinator, we will work with you to allow the most possible time to collect specific order information, preventing a lot of guess-work. Let us know if you need your order delivered too!


We can help! We quote pricing by "the price per shirt". Below, you will find information on what causes the price per shirt to be more expensive or less expensive. Let us know your budget and we can help design the perfect print on the perfect shirt style to fit within your budget. Let us help you!

This will increase the price per shirt: 
  • Small quantities: Small orders usually have a higher price per shirt than larger orders.
  • Multiple ink colors and print locations: The least expensive print option is a single color on a single location, however we can do up to 6 colors per side! Each print location, and color adds on to the price per shirt. 
  • Premium shirts: Triblend fabrics, premium brands and performance tees, can cost more than regular cotton tees.

This will Lower the price per shirt:
  • Larger quantities: Even premium shirts with multiple colors  can be affordable for your group. Generally speaking, large orders have a cheaper price per shirt. 
  • Fewer colors in the design: A single color print in one location can look great and is the least expensive.
  • More basic shirt styles: There is a lot of value in standard style  t-shirts! 

Money Saving Tip:
Price breaks: If you're close to a price break you may save on the total cost and price per shirt by getting a few extras that bump you to the next price break. Our price breaks are at 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000+. If you have questions just ask - we are here to help you get the most out of your order!